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Are head lice dangerous and do they carry diseases?

Head lice are not dangerous and they do not transmit diseases! Head lice, to simply put it, are an irritating pesky problem.  The saliva lice secrete to feed is what causes infected people to itch. They itch because they are having an allergic reaction to the saliva. This is not harmful, just irritating. There is far greater risk involved in the use of products that claim to kill lice.

Many remedies use pesticides to kill lice, while the FDA has approved these products, they still can be quite harmful. This is why Simplicety focuses on a natural removing procedure of combing out the nits/eggs rather than killing them.

What are common symptoms of head lice?

Scratching and itching are the most common symptoms of head lice. Depending on the sensitivity of the scalp, itching may not occur until 2-3 weeks after getting head lice, and sometimes it never occurs.

The itching is caused by an allergic reaction a person may have from the saliva the louse secretes in order to feed. Some people are not allergic to the saliva and therefore will never itch even though they are infected with head lice.

Other symptoms may include a tickling feeling on the head from the louse moving, a rash at the nape of the neck, and/or a feeling of tiredness during the day because lice are more active at night and interrupt sleep.

How do lice spread?

Head lice are primarily transmitted through head to head contact. Lice can be transmitted through the sharing of brushes, hats, coats, and other accessories that come in contact with the head, but it is mainly spread through head to head contact. Girls are more likely to get lice than boys because girls usually have longer hair and it makes it easier for the louse to make the transfer. 

Who can get head lice?

Anyone that has a head of hair is a target for lice. Lice do not discriminate and will do anything possible to survive. Nobody is immune to head lice. Children are more likely to come into contact with head lice because they are involved in more social settings such as school, camps, and sleepovers.

If your child has head lice you are at risk. Anyone who has close contact with children such as teachers, baby-sitters, and relatives are also at high risk.

Does Simplicety offer a guarantee?

Simplicety offers a 30 day guarantee once the client is 100% lice free. After initial treatment is concluded on the client, Simplicety will schedule a free follow up visit within 5-7 days. We do this for two reasons. One, we want to ensure that we successfully made the treated client 100% lice free. Two, we want to ensure that the treated client is not going back and getting reinfected by other friends or family members. On the follow up visit, a trained technician will spray the hair with a pesticide free, non-toxic, natural conditioning spray which allows for our nit-free terminator comb to easily glide through the hair looking for evidence of lice.

If there is no evidence of lice the client will get a 100% 30 day guarantee. If evidence of lice is found ,although it rarely happens but could occur,  the technician will retreat client removing all live bugs and nits. There is no charge for this service, it is included in the initial treatment cost.  After completing the follow up, a re-follow up will be scheduled to make sure client is free and clear from head lice. Simplicety will work with treated client until they are 100% free from head lice. 

All house hold members must be checked or treated if need be to qualify for 30 day Simplicety Guarantee.

Do over the counter treatments work?

Head Lice are becoming resistant to the over the counter treatments and remedies used today; therefore making it difficult to get rid of them. Most over the counter treatments and remedies use neurotoxins (a poison that acts on the nervous system) to kill the head lice. Some products have side effects ranging from rashes to seizures and some have even caused cancer. Simplicety goes the all-natural way by using a combing method to remove the pesky critters.

Does Having Head Lice Mean I’m A Dirty Person?

This is a stigma that has gone on for too long and is not true. Head lice are almost as common as a head cold. Head lice actually prefer a clean head as opposed to a dirty one. A clean head makes it very easy for a louse to move around and it lets them do their job much more efficiently as opposed to a dirty head. Head lice glue their eggs to the hair shaft, so clean non oily hair makes it much easier for them to reproduce in their environment.

When Can My Child Return To School?

Many schools have different policies when it comes to head lice. Some schools have a no nit policy and some have a no live bug policy. Following a treatment with Simplicety, the parent will receive a clearance letter for the child stating that Simplicety has treated and deemed the child non contagious of spreading head lice. After a treatment with Simplicety it is safe for the child to return to school. Our treatment will ensure other students and school staff are safe from coming into contact with head lice.

Do pets carry head lice?

Dogs/cats and other pets do not carry and transmit head lice. They do not play a role.

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