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We offer in-home lice removal services for the Cincinnati Tri-State area (OH, KY, & IN).

Forms of Payment

Simplicety will accept many forms of payment. All major credit cards, check, or cash are the main forms that we accept.   As of now, a limited number of health insurance policies will cover head lice removal treatment.  Many Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts will reimburse you after you pay for the services and submit the itemized receipt. Please check with your employer or health plan administrator for more details. Also, lice removal services may be deductible on your personal income tax return. Please talk to your tax advisor for further guidance.

Head Check

A trained technician will spray the hair with a pesticide free, non-toxic, natural conditioning spray which allows for our nit-free terminator comb to easily glide through the hair. The technician will show the client/parent what he/she is finding in the hair. If nits (eggs) or lice are found the technician will recommend treatment.

In order to provide our guarantee each member of the household must receive a head check. If lice is detected during headcheck and treatment is received, the $15.00 service is applied toward treatment. Note – all household members must receive a headcheck to qualify for the Simplicety Guarantee. This ensures that other members of the family cannot pass lice back to the treated member. If we do a house call and everyone is lice free a fee of $75 will be charged for the first head check. Each additional head check will be $15. 


If your head check determines that a treatment is required, the head check fee is applied to treatment cost.

Boys/Mens Treatment

  • $75 at Salon. Includes follow-up visit in 5-7 days to ensure client is lice free.
  • $115 In-Home. Includes follow-up visit in 5-7 days to ensure the client is still lice-free.

Girls/Womens Treatment

  • $115 at Salon. Includes follow-up visit in 5-7 days to ensure the client is still lice-free.
  • $165 In-Home. Includes follow-up in 5-7 days to ensure client is lice free.

Google Reviews

  • Still unsure if you want to call or text to set up an appointment? Click here (Simplicety Google Reviews) to see what many others have to say about us and why they rated us so high on Google.

General Information

  • We do not use pesticides or chemicals to treat clients. Our treatment consists of spraying down the hair with our Simplicety Non-Toxic Paraben Free Head Lice Repellent Spray. Then we break down the hair and using our nit free terminator comb we remove all nits and lice in a complete and natural process. We focus on the removal of lice rather than trying to kill them. This is a very tedious and skilled process that Simplicety technicians have perfected. This process usually lasts 1-2 hours for girls/women and 45 minutes to an hour for boys/men.
  • Part of our treatment process involves educating the client. Our understanding of lice and how they survive will put you at ease. We will teach you what little work you actually have to do in order to protect your home and prevent another infestation.
  • We will leave you with minimal work to ensure you remain lice free.
  • We will return in 5-7 days for a follow-up visit. If you are free from lice we will then give you a 30 day Simplicety Guarantee.